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2011 New Year Greetings --THE OPTIMISM ADVANTAGE

The New Year is a very special time  – it’s a time of wishes and hopes. There is something about this ‘click’ of the calendar that switches on the inner optimist in us – no matter what type of personality we are in our everyday lives.

And today’s post and my most sincere wish for all of you in this new year is exactly about that –  keeping this inner optimism engaged all the time.

Smile_learned optimnism

In 2011 I wish all of you to turn the internal optimism selector switch  into the “On” position and to disable the “Off” button.

I wish you to improve your ability to enjoy the moment, to fall in love with a journey of making life for your kids better without being anxious over the long-term outcome of “final success”.

I wish you to give yourself praise and to celebrate wholeheartedly whatever small  achievements  and micro-steps of progress your child manages to reach…

I know all these are universal truths perceived by many as banalities and an empty wishful thinking that does not hold water against the storms of the reality…

However, I’d dare to encourage you to make an effort and even when it feels difficult to keep your  optimistic stance – still to keep trying and keeping your internal ‘reality perception’ filters switched into the “Positive” mode.

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