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Dangerous Detox Scams and Nutritional Supplements Delusions for Cerebral Palsy Kids

Dear Friends.

I have been quiet on this blog this year – not publishing anything since April’s “thumb banging” video, which quite a few people told me “made a wrong, somewhat ‘crazy’ impression about ABR”.

Apologies for that but since the end of June – I’ve been mostly in a self-reflective mode doing more of the inside digging rather than the outside expressing.

On June 25th at 1 am my sister and I were driving back home after visiting a family friend and whilst idly waiting at a red light our car was smashed from behind and jammed into the side of the lorry that was making a left turn. The guy behind us was driving well over a 100 km/h and … he … just freaking fell asleep. He didn’t even press the brakes. His SUV literally flew into ours. Our car was completely destroyed… however, absolutely miraculously, both I and my sister weren’t hurt at all – a couple of bruises – and that was it. At the same time surely it was a major shock – my body was shaking for nearly 2 hours with waves of myofascial tremors and jerks rising intermittently from every major bone in my body – in a very weird tone resetting symphony of sorts. Well, one really learns a lot about the myofascial connections and about the anchoring role of the bone this way … (Not that I am wishing on anyone to go through such an experience…)

Although I wascompletely intact physically – this accident made a lasting impression on me. I really can’t look at such accidents as “just accidents” – I’d lie if I’d say that I take those as a mere overlap of unfortunate probabilities. I can’t help but look for a meaning behind those omens.

And that really bothers me – am I doing something wrong? – Maybe with all the discoveries that I’ve been handed I am somehow screwing up and underperforming, so it has been a warning of sorts… Or am I doing something right – so I survived this fault line of overlapping probabilities so unbelievably smoothly because I still have some value left in me... Well, I do not know... and that bothers me really badly…

When I started counting all the ifs – what if he hit us a second earlier or a second later (because we hit the lorry transporting the semi-loose metal rods in the only safe spot that it had for us); what if he hit us a few centimeters off the center; what if weren’t sitting in a 2.5 ton car which managed to absorb this massive blow without flying too far forward? … All that gives you goose bumps… I really don’t know the answer to all these questions – so I spent the last few months either frantically working “in the field” or quietly self-reflecting – I don’t know whether it is called a depression or just an intense re-evaluation of one’s life … but that’s where I am at right now… not being much in a writing or a teaching mode for a while …

So that was a long preamble to the question that I wanted to address today – the matter that makes my blood boil so much that I can’t remain silent about it even at this reflective point of my life. 


Today’s blog post is about the Detox scams and the supplements overload.

Unfortunately the parents of children affected by cerebral palsy are easily misled and fooled by the zealous and unethical practitioners in the detox and nutrition field who seem to be everywhere nowadays.

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