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Mercedes-Benz Accidentally Reveals The Secret Of Walking, Sitting And All Other Locomotions In Between

Few days ago I was travelling back from the 5th annual BioTensegrity Group meeting in Gent, Belgium – and whilst staying in the airport hotel in Dusseldorf – I accidentally saw an amazing commercial ...

It was by Mercedes-Benz ... but the stars of that video were... chickens ?!

I ran back to my room and found it on YouTube... and re-watched it again and again...

Is there a reason why you should pay attention to those chickens? – Absolutely!

This video is an excellent and compact illustration of how important is the proper head control for the rest of the movement & locomotor functions.

Actually, I should put this statement even stronger – head control is not simply important for walking etc -- head control is the single most important factor, the absolutely necessary condition and pre-requisite of ANY controlled locomotion where a human body is in the contact with the ground!

This is true not only walking as the pinnacle of locomotor achievements but for every motor function in between – sitting, counterbalancing, trunk control, standing and so on...

What you see in the video is the vivid illustration that even for the birds (who are the only species other than humans who naturally walks on 2 legs) – not to mention for the humans – the head is the epicentre, which all the other movements revolve around.

The lower body of that chicken is independently movable under its head in all directions!

Please note the multiple counterbalancing of the lower parts of the chicken's body when it is moved by the hands of the human.

Plant this image into your mind! Your child should be capable of such a head stability against the impacts and the perturbations that come from underneath. That's the key for dealing with the ground under our bums and feet!

What does your child need for his or her head to be that stable? – Your child needs this wave-like counterbalancing of the lower body and the mobility/segmentation of his neck as well ...

What are we testing during the ABR assessments? – Exactly this. When your child  lacks segmental mobility  this selective counter-balancing is no longer possible.

As a result your best intentions of training your child and putting him into a walker or a lokomat or simply trying to "step" when supported by you – unfortunately become more of a cruel circus act of forcing the extremely arduous, unnatural and destructive impacts onto the already weaker cerebral palsy kids.

What are we celebrating during the ABR assessments? –The development of the selective segmental mobility and counterbalancing! Both within the neck itself andwithin the lower body..

If a chicken has the super head control for walking on two feet – we humans need it as well!


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I much appreciate everyone who has already signed up – I am planning to make this project more or less operational by December – some preparations and editing are needed.