ABR Combines Miracle and Magic To Heal a Badly Broken Bone.Part 1. THE MIRACLE
The Power of Super-Relaxation ['Relaxogenesis'] to Unlock the Healthy Developmental Potential of your Brain Injured Child. PART 1

ABR Combines Miracle and Magic To Heal a Badly Broken Bone. Part 2. 'THE MAGIC'

The Magic...

Why have I brought such an unscientific category as magic into this conversation about something as tangible as the speed healing of a badly broken bone?

But is it really unscientific ? – In fact, what is true science if not something that dives into the deep unknown, into the non-obvious and surfaces up with a valuable trophy of something both beautiful and practical at the same time.

That's exactly how I see ABR technique – especially the 3Q.Until this day I am amazed by its magic.

At first glance, it is absolutely counterintuitive – because the very idea of "action at distance" when the impact somehow emerges behind the seemingly impenetrable barrier is really foreign to our brains that are accustomed to the consecutive action where reaching 'deep' requires the visible journey through the layers that are wrapped around it.

In fact, this magic is very much described in detail in the main descriptions of the 3Q ABR technique that have been available on this blog for a long time:

ABR 'Classic' Technique - 3Q Principles Illustrated

ABR Technique Essence Illustrated

However, on a very human perspective it is often quite difficult to make those abstract graphs and models to feel alive, and to skip the unclear details of how exactly it works by focusing entirely on the external template of the "How to do ABR 3Q" – contact, volume touch, compression, pause, return etc.

That's why I believe this example is so powerful:


When you look at this photo – there is no room for the mental escape.

There is rigid cast made of solid gypsum that has no elasticity and no 'give' in it. There is no way that you can "squeeze the arm inside the cast". The cast itself appears to be a boundary so  impenetrable that the very description of "Well, he put his hands onto my cast with some foam pads in between…" sounds like crazy outrageous bullshit… That's exactly how our athlete felt when the orthopedic surgeons and later his coach and the teammates were asking him about what was actually done to his broken arm to make it heal so fast…

On the one hand, I am encouraging you to re-visit the ABR technique essentials:

ABR 'Classic' Technique - 3Q Principles Illustrated

ABR Technique Essence Illustrated

On the other hand, I am inviting you to really appreciate how powerful is the tool that you have , literally, in your own hands when you do ABR applications/exercises for your kids.

And at the same time, I want you to really understand that to make the best out of this powerful tool, to make it really magical – you need the catalyst that makes this magic happen. You heard it from me many times – "Focus, concentration, awareness, attention to detail".


Yes, sure Alex is an extraordinary talent to begin with, who perfected his ABR craft over the last 9 years by daily practicing for 8 hours and more – but practicing in itself wouldn't deliver the level of  mastery that he has today without those powerful catalysts of focus, concentration, awareness and attention to detail.

I want to assure you each and every of you has this potential. No matter where you are today technically – there is lots of room for improvement. Why? – Because our depth & tensional gradient perception is the  most sophisticated and precise sensory quality of us humans.

I keep bringing the same simple example over and over again – all of us can easily feel when we accidentally flip at once 2 pages of a magazine, a book or a newspaper instead of flipping just a single page.

What does that mean? – The page is only 0.2 mm thick (1/100 of an inch) and yet an average person can feel it without any prior training or particular concentration.

How does that impact  your daily ABR work? – Directly.

The 'compression' range that you work within, when you deliver a 3Q or "egg" or "ball" exercise – is of 1-2 cm (0.5 -1.0 inch). So whilst most people intuitively consider this being  "very small" – in reality it is huge, because it consists of at least 100 of those incremental 'layers' of depth change impact. So even a small improvement in your concentration and awareness  has a potential to accumulate and to translate into a major increase of your ABR work effectiveness – within exactly the same hours that you are already doing. A small improvement in your concentration and awareness  – has the potential to make a huge difference in the progress of your kids.

And that's why next time when an ABR trainer asks you to practice the techniques further, to concentrate or to pay attention to the nuances of your positioning and setups – please do not brush it off as "Oh, again – I know all that stuff already.. Just give me my home exercises so I can be on my way home sooner rather than later".

I assure you – you as an ABR therapist for your child DO HAVE an incredible potential that your child can benefit from enormously. All you need for this is to improve your 'inner game' - your concentration, your awareness, you attention to detail, and your visualization… And, in fact, there is nothing ABR-unique to this.

Listen to any high performance athlete, read their interviews – what's the overriding theme there? – A high level 'outer game' of visible performance and outcome is only possible when based on the advanced 'inner game'… So the same is true for yourself – improve your 'inner game' and the 'outer game' of accelerated progress and achievement for your child is going to follow – sooner than you expect it..

The magic of deep myofascial & osteoarticular response will be put to work for you and for your child…




Talking about the 'inner game' and about the refinement of your ABR  technical skills I'd be looking for some response from you on these matters.


Question 1.

Over the recent years I have accumulated a lot of videos teaching the techniques and going into the specific details and nuances of positioning, setups, technical refinements etc.

We've been using those for the internal training of ABR team but the constraints of the ABR training sessions that we have today only allow to share a fraction of those with you during the trainings at the ABR Centers and Satellites.

However, at the same time – I often here the remarks both from many parents and from the Trainers giving feedback after the sessions – that "parents are 'at full learning capacity' with the technical training that we already  give" assuming that any further dive into the details is going to be an overload and overwhelm.

I believe that this is true for some parents but I hope that some of you do have some ''spare learning capacity'.

Such trainings will need to undergo some editing and setting up a membership site for accessing these video – so it is quite a lot of extra work & expense on our part. So I'd want to hear what's the level of interest towards it among the active ABR families.

Question 2.

Whilst my own style of training is very technical and detail oriented – after working closely with Alex for the last year – I can see that his training brings an entirely different perspective and dimension that I find very valuable:

His largest focus is on your 'inner  game' – on your ABR Mindset and on the Philosophy of expressing your relationship and deep personal connection with your child via your exercise. One of his favorite sayings is: "You have to make your ABR ball ALIVE… With every 'roll' you want to bring some extra life into your child's body through this ball – can you achieve that if your ball is dead in your hands?"..

Again, I am unlikely to come up with this perspective myself because my entire language and the worldview is shaped differently  but I am fully behind it and I think that there is a tremendous value to it for those who are ready to hear the deeper meaning…

So my question is quite straightforward – if I see enough enthusiasm from you – we'll then try to make these trainings available during the coming year, either via the membership site or some other video sharing form. 

I am  asking these questions for a very simple reason – we have plenty more to give but I want to see the volunteers who'd deliberately step up and say: "Yes, I am ready to do this extra learning work."

These levels of trainings is not something that I am going to simply dump on YouTube or Vimeo for the curiosity of the passing strangers..

You are welcome to leave you responses in the comments here but otherwise please write to me <stresstransfer2012@gmail.com>


In the next few weeks I am going to publish quite a lot in this blog – I've been silent in it for most of the past year – but there was a lot brewing with some fundamental breakthroughs and transformations to the entire ABR landscape – so stay tuned…