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ABR Combines Miracle and Magic To Heal a Badly Broken Bone.Part 1. THE MIRACLE

I haven't posted anything to this blog for a long, long time – nearly 9 months. Not that I have ran out of the ABR insights to share – it is actually quite the opposite. There have been so many new developments and discoveries in the recent months that I felt somewhat overwhelmed with  the rapid pace of the new ideas and understandings. So, frankly I did not really know what I had to start with. The main idea behind this blog's postings is to help you to navigate through the information overload and to add clarity to your understanding of your child's development.  At the stage when so many new things sprang up within ABR all at once – I had a feeling that I was more likely to contribute to your informational overload rather than helping you with that extra clarity …

However, for the last couple of months I have been overflowing with the insights I wanted to share but experienced that infamous 'writer's block'. The trouble with writing is the same as with any other skill: once the routine was  interrupted – it is very difficult to get back on track.

However, sometimes life lends a helping hand to a struggling writer …

This time it happened in the form of ABR Miracle and Magic combined! I was provided with a true life story that is so incredible that it has to be shared regardless of whatever writer's block I face.


Often we tend to think of those two  as being very much the same, which is incorrect.

Miracle is about the outcome. Magic is about the process.

Miracle is the result that is radically better and faster than the one that is 'normally' expected by following the 'standard' course of action. 'Miracle' is the case when the 'impossible' becomes real.

Magic, on the other hand, is the process, which is mysterious and not readily understood by following the intuitive or scientific interpretation of how the things 'normally happen' and 'should work' .

In fact, most miracles in life arise not from 'magic' but from the deep understanding and systematic implementation.

Major developmental progress that your children affected by Cerebral Palsy achieve via your ABR work – head control, weight-bearing, expanded movement repertoire, sitting etc. – are true miracles because they are thought to be 'impossible' for a brain-injured child. But do you achieve that by magic? – Not at all. Those 'typical' ABR miracles – including the mind-blowing freaking ones – are the result of your systematic and smart work.

  Cerebral Plasy Before-After Comparison

What is this? – That's a miracle, plain and simple. Because a GMFCS Level 3 child is not supposed to improve after the age of 5 … But he does – thanks to the ABR work of his parents.  The impossible – becomes possible…

But at the same time – the very fact that one needs to put dozens and dozens of hours of the routine work – somewhat blurs the magnitude of such miracles.

What I want to share today is a different kind of miracle – a more 'obvious' one. The one that happened quickly and unconventionally

  1_42O1949-01_name off_arrows_text_resize

A couple of years back in one of my most popular blog posts: Mind-blowing-freaking-miracle-pelvis-transformation-in-quadriplegic-cerebral-palsy – I've introduced Alex 'The Great'  – the ABR wizard PT from Greece responsible for that incredible pelvic transformation of a severely affected quadriplegic child that gave the name to that post.

Well, it is time to bring Alex onto the ABR central stage yet again… With even more incredible stuff.

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