The truth About The Walking for Parents of Children with Cerebral Palsy PART 2:The Key Dilemmas_
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PART 3. The truth About The Walking for Cerebral Palsy -Ground Breaking Biotensegrity Perspective

Biotensegrity: The Legs Are The Weakest Link In Walking. In Cerebral Palsy – Look Upwards To The Torso And Stop Wasting Your Time At "Training" Them.

Well, finally we have reached the crux of "The Truth about the Walking" series.

Video 3: "The Main Paradox of Walking: The Legs Are the Weakest Link" turns your intuitive perception of what walking is "inside out". I encourage you to watch it with full attention. I tried my best to illustrate it well and express the key concepts in as parent-friendly language as possible.

"The Main Paradox of Walking: The Legs Are the Weakest Link" runs for about 37 minutes – hopefully you can watch in one go. If not – you can divide the viewing in 2 parts:

  • First 17 minutes illustrate the difference between the intuitive  and simplistic interpretation of walking versus the advanced tensional understanding that stems out of the tensegrity-based approach to the architecture of fascia networks. This comparison is set in the visual context of the tensional "bicycle wheel" vs. hard-spoked cart [artillery]-wheel – so you do not need to cut your way through any formulas. 
  • Next 20 min – the framework of tensional "bicycle wheel" vs. hard-spoked cart [artillery]-wheel is translated to the real life examples of the 'buckling legs':
    •  the example of a child with cerebral palsy – showing the way that the legs buckle and withdraw upon the contact with the ground ; and then proceeding to demonstrate how  the 'fake standing' works – the one that the rehabilitation and training are so keen on trying to achieve
    • the example of a young healthy child who is just developing the walking ability; you'd be able to see clearly how the legs are first a liability and it takes the evolution of significant upper body strength to counteract their  primary buckling tendencies.

Frankly, I have high expectations for  getting  strong responses from you after watching – such a response might range from: "Wow!" to "This can't be true" – but the difference between the consistently tensegral understanding of walking and the 'conventional' one is so great – that  if you will have watched the "The Main Paradox of Walking: The Legs Are the Weakest Link" with even minimal attention – you can't possibly stay neutral.

It's a clear call for you to define your position. Because 2 different approaches to the understanding of how the walking works – imply completely the opposite approaches to what has to be done in order to improve and  build the walking.

The word "the opposite" is the key here.


Unfortunately, all too often parents of children with Cerebral Palsy tend to try to  "play it safe" and "combine" what they see as 'different therapies' – reasoning that the more is the merrier and that the smart person never puts all the eggs into the same basket . Please -- do not fall for this naive mistake!

Whilst these "safe" philosophies of piling things up might be applicable to the cases where the "therapies" have only cosmetic differences but share essentially the same paradigm – say Doman's crawling mileage, conductive education's  training with blocked pivots within extremities; and Bobath's functionally aligned trainings – let me assure you that with ABR we are talking about THE OPPOSITES.. What happens when you add up the opposites? – They cancel each other, right?

That's why I really encourage you to give these matters a long hard thought, have your due diligence and commit to the chosen 'Cerebral Palsy Therapy' with consistency. Don't fall into the pitfall of trying to add up the opposites – because then you are just wasting your time and money.

Well, that's pretty much it. I encourage you to share this video with your friends – to ask them what they think and how does that influence their view of the way that human body works.

I am obviously open for discussion and clarification of any points – having several other aces up my sleeve.

It's time to change the very fundamentals of the movement science – fascia science discoveries and the tensegral framework are giving us a kick in the butt and absolutely urge and force us to get rid of the primitive and outdated beliefs that has been around for way too long …


Truth About Walking_Video 3_Paradigm Shift from ABR Central on Vimeo.

Please follow this link and download this video for your comfortable viewing independent of the online streaming speed.

The Truth About The Walking_Video 3: Biotensegrity Paradigm Shift

P.S. My huge thanks to the models who made this video possible -- these wonderful kids are helping all of you to become a better 'cerebral palsy pro' parent for your own child...