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On Discovering A Theoretical Goldmine Of Salutogenesis for Cerebral Palsy And Other Updates…

Dear friends,

I have been silent in this blog for a while – but clearly not for the lack of productive activities…

First of all – there was a lot of training sessions in May held by the  local ABR centers all around the world –from Hong Kong and Australia to Italy, Serbia, Denmark, Belgium, Austria and then, of course, in North and South America… Following our 3 weeks ‘ABR Trainers training’ in Montreal back in April a number of significant technical breakthroughs were introduced through all of the ABR satellite sessions… [For those of you who couldn’t attend in May-June – I really urge you not to delay and make sure you secure yourself a place at the next  training session in your area. If you’ve got a job to do – you’ve got to do it in the best possible way, right? ]

 Whenever the new things in roll in – I always face a lot of questions from our ABR trainers where we need to iron out all the aspects – strategic allocation of the new TransFascial Viscoelastic  (TFVES) applications, the teaching nuances, tactical smarts of maintaining stability and providing optimal area access for the parents… and lots more.

I am really looking forwards with plenty of excitement because the more we see the results of the TransFascial Viscoelastic  Applications – the more the “wow!” moments we all experience among the ABR Team – the responses from the dense and resistant areas, which used to take years now show major improvement within months , which is really rewarding and encouraging …

It is also a good opportunity to say thanks for the overwhelming response that my previous post “Prevailing over tragedy -- ABR facilitates amazing recovery” received.

It was a record number of the Facebook likes that I have ever got… Well, of course, the enthusiastic response massages the writers ego :-) – but obviously that’s not the most important aspect.

First of all, it was encouraging to see that most of the professional colleagues and members of fascia community responded with enthusiastic thumbs up – leaving comments like  that:

Robert Schleip PhD said...

Hi Leonid and friends.
I just saw this report for the first time. Very very impressive! I agree with you that learning to influence the interstitial fluid flow promises to be a very beneficial contribution to the therapeutic field. After I also started to work even slower with my hands in my clinical sessions; thinking about squeezing a sponge-like tissue and allowing it to re-hydrate with fresh liquids afterwards. I hope you continue this line of exploration, as well as the documentation of your results. Very impressive indeed!
Fascianatedly yours
Robert Schleip

But what’s probably even more important is that hopefully the posts like that are going to be of a good morale boost for your own day-in day-out work – clearly showing you that the TransFascial Viscoelastic  Applications really delivers the important transformational effects to your children’s bodies.

Another element that I can’t resist to mention – is what is probably can count as my middle name – the  appeal for your ‘focus and concentration’…

The recent upgrades to the ABR Techniques // TransFascial Viscoelastic  Applications are really powerful, however, that transformational power is unlocked to its full extent only if you really concentrate and pay full and undivided attention to what you are doing.

You don’t need to be superhuman for that – studies clearly show that an average person can easily and reliably distinguish depth variations of 1/5 of a millimeter – which would be 1/100 of an inch (When you can feel that you flipped 2 pages of a magazine or a book instead of one – you are that good!). So it is all very much  possible and realistic – but you need to keep your focus…

Imagine you were reading a book flipping 5 or even 10 pages at once – how much good would that do you? – But unfortunately, that’s exactly what often happens to many parents who let their minds drift elsewhere instead of keeping a solid focus on what’s going on under your hand..

But let’s get back on track – I am trying to deliver on my promises of the future post subjects – and whilst I have kind of postponed the completion of the “Reporting about Fascia Congress 3” posts – I am going to stick to the promise given in the previous post  where I announced that the healing of the damaged tissues in the knee area was the first step in Luca’s road to recovery after that tragic accident.

Another major transformation that we managed to achieve thanks to some smart ABR strategies/techniques and consistent work of mama Katja – was a spectacular breakthrough in walking abilities that took place within a space of less than 2 weeks.

Walking progress in 12 days
April 26th Luca was heavily relying on crutches and May 7th he was already walking comfortably with a single hand support and began to walk without the support (or to be precise it was May 5th when the filming took place – I received it on May 7th)

Based on Luca’s walking recovery case – all aspects of it: initial condition and troubles with walking;  the designed ABR exercise program; and the transformation achieved – I created the fully fledged series: “The Unconventional Truth About The Walking”.

These series are going to  be 5 Videos long (where the Video 4 is actually long enough to be counted as two videos) – and it have already been filmed – so I can pretty much guarantee that these are the posts that are going to appear weekly for the next few weeks.

Well, with all that being said – let me share my recent  find that really got me incredibly excited – Discovering a theoretical goldmine!


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