Prevailing over tragedy -- ABR facilitates amazing recovery

Hip Subluxation in Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy_Part 8_Finer nuances of alignment

Dear friends,

I promised further reports from Fascia Congress 3 and working on them quite closely. Since there were  restrictions on filming and picture taking -- I had to rely heavily on notes and audio -- which make the entire process of getting to through the material far from fast.

My current plan is to deliver the next substantial report video on Sunday -- meanwhile, please have a look at another installation in the "Hip Subluxation in Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy" series. I think this would be number 8 and it covers the rather fine aspects of evaluating the femur head insertion.

Unfortunately, once again I have to draw your attention to the fact that you are really facing a major bias in the way that orthopaedic profession interprets the X-rays of Cerebral Palsy kids.

According to the statement of one of the leading orthopaedic surgeons specializing in Cerebral Plays who was the most prominent figure at the International Cerebral Palsy Congress in 2009 in Sydney -- "Maybe 30% of the mildest (GMFCS Level 1) kids with Cerebral Palsy are not going to require hip surgery..."...

With such a mindset -- it is not  a surprise that there is a heavy bias for any pro-surgery finding and equally heavy neglect of any facts that do not fit the "pre-designed path".

However, in this video I am showing how most simple geometrical tools provide you with valuable insights and allow seeing the important positive transformations.

It's relatively short and straightforward  --so it won't take you much time to pick up this nugget.

As always - please leave comments and Facebook "likes" to this video (IF you like it, obviously) as well as to the previous video with the report from Fascia Congress 3. I am going to make a separate post answering all the questions in details.