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Hip Subluxation in Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy_Part 7_How the femur head gets in

This post continues our explorations into the matters of hip subluxation in Cerebral Palsy.

I labeled it as Part 7 – but it might have as well been "The Part 1" since it addresses the issues that puzzle you the most.

"How will the leg bone get in if the "pelvic roof" is flat? " … In more appropriate terms it sounds: "How does the femur head find stability under the flattened acetabulum of the pelvis in cases of severe quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy?" – these are the questions that I receive probably most often.

In this video I give the entire context and reference the development of the pelvis in a healthy child through the transitional phases that it goes through.

The key message is straightforward – "it's not about the roof – it's about the wedging of the pelvic width by the triangle of sacrum". In this video you are going to find really clear illustrations on how it all works.


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Hip Subluxation in Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy_Part 7_How the femur head gets in

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I am very grateful to a mother of this boy who sent me her elaborate questions and encouraged the making of this video as well as agreeing to share it with the other parents-- probably she's  going to appreciate your feedback as well.

Thanks a lot.