Fascia Research Conference - Field Report- A Day Before

Fascia Research Congress 3 - Field Report- Day 1

Thanks a lot for viewing the first video ...That was very encouraging.

Well, in  today's video" Fascia Research Congress 3 -- Field Report of DAY 1" there is way more content --  there were a number of very important presentations and although I tried being brief -- the total overview still run into  28 minutes.

However, every individual "eureka" realization is short enough (1-3 min) -- so I hope you'd find it well watchable.

  • Connective tissue could be strengthened
  • Hands-on work influences gene expression via mechanotrsnsduction'
  • How the brain map shrinks in Cerebral Palsy
  • How the wrong exercises in Cerebral Palsy could be extremely damaging

and a lot more..


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