Fascia Research Congress 3 - Field Report- Day 1

Fascia Research Congress #3 -- Day 2. I'll be superquick -- in other words-- I am too tired to produce a video tonight... But it has been an amazing day: 2 absolutely ground-breaking lectures on Fluid Dynamics. First one by Dr. Rolf Reed on fluid dynamics in connective tissue/ extracellular matrix, and right after that -- the one by Dr. Gerald Pollack on the new interpretation of collective superstructures of water -- "4th phase of water". The key ideas could be found in his ground-breaking book: Gerald H. Pollack "Cells, gels and the engines of life" -- but by now he and his team developed them much further... It's too amazing to give you a poor overview. I'll shift the presentation by a one day delay -- and return to the Day 2 contents tomorrow... Fascinating fascia :-)