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Fascia Research Congress 3 - Field Report- Day 1

Fascia Research Conference - Field Report- A Day Before

Dear ABR Friends,

I am trying to step into the shoes of a real blogger -- the one with  the instant upadates and the news report.

Me, Mark and Sarah are in Vancouver at the Fascia Research Congress # 3. Busy time here.

3 days packed with super-relevant and most-up-to-date stuff from Fascia science. Thursday I am speaking in front of Rolfers on the subject of "Guided Stress Transfer as the common fundamantal priniciple behind all manual therapies" and on Friday we have poster presentation hours...

Today was the day before -- the day when everyone meets and greets... and to my surprise -- since I am far from the most friendly and extrovert person -- it turns out that I have quite a lot of friends among fascia colleagues already.. Today was really more about hugs and handshakes ...

So here is the short video that gives you a basic feel of how things are. I tried my hand in editing -- the result is rather amateurish but I hope that will suffice.


Stay in touch and vist daily!