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Fascia and Cerebral Palsy science in a tea cup

This is a mini-post that illustrates that sometimes valuable insights into the fundamentals of what’s happening to fascia and musculoskeletal structures as a result of challenges associated with cerebral palsy could be gained from most mundane everyday experience – from observations of what’s happening in a tea cup –literally…

Anyone who had a training by me knows that: 1) I am a tea fan; 2) that I have a tendency to leave cups with unfinished tea everywhere opting for the new cup of a fresh tea instead..

Well, I’ve been criticized for this untidy habit more time that I can remember – to no avail I must admit… However, sometimes there are some unforeseen bonuses that come out of it…

For the recent weeks I’ve been thinking a lot of how to visualize for parents the effects of fascia layers adhesion in case where the flow of the interstitial fluid is affected and how we can restore their proper division by means of  Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) as the Force Transfer Medium [well that’s the official title of “egg rolling” :-)]

So couple of days ago I looked at one of my cups with the tea leftovers from a previous day … and found and excellent illustration ..

I hope you are going to find that metaphor/ spatial homology useful and insightful


 Thanks …

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