Video 4. Hip Subluxation -Why So Much Attention?--The Truths and the Myths
ABR message finally strikes a chord with medical pros

Hip Subluxation in Cerebral Palsy-Video 5-Specifics

I guess it is more than a time to proceed from general reviews of hip subluxation in Cerebral palsy videos to the specifics.


Video 5 turned out to be quite long -- so I divided it in 2 parts -- but eventually decided to add a summary as well -- that's Part 3.

In these videos I actually go point by point over the original questions, observations and concerns that were voiced in the original 6 min video by Emma's mom.

So even though the videos are quite long I think they are not too difficult to watch since any single topic is covered within a  few minutes max. I hope that in these videos I've managed to illustrate how the concepts introduced in the earlier videos blend together and provide a relatively straightforward framework for analysis of an individual case.

Of course, in an individual case of your child there could be some variations of the angles or of the dominant directions of legs mobility response -- however, the essence always remains the same: One needs to use a transanatomical framework to understand the full scope of transition.

I think that the main practical takeaway from these videos is the idea of evaluating your child's evolution through the chart that takes into account multiple aspects of the evolution in the pelvic region and within lower extremities-- including the percentage measurement of femur head alignment  in respect to the acetabulum but seeing it only as a single entry in a much larger matrix of changes.

I hope this helps.

I feel that these video series on hip subluxation in cerebral palsy give a comprehensive coverage of the subject -- to the point that "there shouldn't be any questions left"...  However, being realistic I am sure there are further questions and I am  looking forwards for receiving them -- because from my perspective of a broad "umbrella" I might be overlooking some of the very specific concerns that you might have.

As the final word for these series I want to express my gratitude to Team Emma for their willingness to go beyond "privacy" and to embrace a collective good for all the parents in a similar situation by making these video series possible. I think that some expression of your appreciation in the comments to this post will be much appreciated by Emma's parents.

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