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December 2010

New Ideas Avalanche – some unexpected Cinderella stories

Merry Christmas everybody!

My thanks and deepest gratitude for keeping up with my writing, which has been sporadic at best this year – I hope I’ll do better in 2011 (no tongue in cheek :-).

My extra apologies for disappearing off the scene for the last few weeks. I want to assure you that my intention/ commitment to keep this blog alive and vibrant is as strong as ever.
But even the strongest of commitments to write regularly had no chance of withstanding the avalanche of new discoveries and realizations that fell on me over the last 3-4 weeks....quite literally...

The flow of ideas has been so intense that until now  I am  having trouble understanding / figuring out – what  is happening ? -Have I stumbled upon an unexpected goldmine or am I going to be swept away by the avalanche of the ever-growing diversity of options?

In short, the new realizations are going to lead to the new pool of strategies, techniques and tools that are as large if not larger in variety then entire ABR arsenal developed until today.


Because instead of one single Cinderella turning princess– fascia – that ABR has been committed to for the last 10 years, there are 2 more Cinderella stories that suddenly started to unfold really rapidly.

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