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How does BioTensegrity knowledge benefit a child with Cerebral Palsy? Part 1

Thanks a lot for the responses to my previous couple of posts.

Frankly, I thought that there would be more questions on the video itself – so at the moment I am not sure whether it was: a) too technical; b) missed your interest points; c) you had technical problems viewing it; d) you’ve postponed viewing ‘until you have more time’….  So I would really appreciate more definitive responses – even a simple two line comment is most welcome. However, in case you have viewing difficulties – please click on the link ‘ABR on Vimeo’ above the blog text– that will send you directly to Vimeo website  where you can not only watch the video in a larger window but can download it to your computer as well.

Anyway – I’ve got a number of good questions both as the blog and Facebook comments as well as e-mails  – all of them had the same underlying theme: “This BioTensegrity thing –how does it help my child?”

It’s understandable – at the end of the day everything revolves around the proverbial WIIFM – ‘What’s in it for me?’– in other words:  “Is this BioTensegrity being nothing  more than an intellectual fun for you, Mr. Blyum, or can we expect something tangible for our kids out of it?”

A question might look simple enough – but it’s not. First of all there are at least 2 main aspects in it:

  • Improvement of ABR as a method – the ability of ABR tools to facilitate the developmental progress of your child better and faster;
  • Improvement of you confidence in ABR as a method and as a preferred platform for physical rehabilitation that you have chosen for your child.  

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BioTensegrity and Cerebral Palsy

This is the video of my presentation “Using BioTensegrity framework in interpretation of multiarticular distortions in Cerebral Palsy” made at the 2nd B.I.G. (BioTensegrity Interest Group) meeting in Rome on Oct 9th, 2010.

I hope it will be informative and will help you to improve your ‘inner game’ as an ABR practitioner and facilitate a better understanding of your kids.


Warning! My presentation was scheduled at 9.20 a.m. and the entire session that day started at 8.50 a.m. – I wasn’t late! I came in on 8.48 a.m. By my standards – that’s heroics…

Mind it I was up until 4.30 a.m. putting some final touches on my PowerPoint...

Therefore, I started my talk being a bit like a steam engine – taking some time to warm up and get into the groove. I warmed up enough to be a decent presenter 5-7 minutes into the talk – so please give me a slack on that :-)

I must admit that talking in front of professional audience still has some stress component for me. (Not the stress= force/area that we talk about in ABR – but bad old psychological stress…)

It’s not about being “nervous” or ‘not sure of myself’ – it’s more about the burden of responsibility – ‘whether I’ll find the right avenue of presentation to do justice to the significance and elegance of the stuff I am talking about’.

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BioTensegrity meeting in Rome

My sincere apologies for neglecting the blog for so long…

Once there is an interruption – it’s difficult to get back on track. When writing the new posts is more or less consistent – say, weekly, – I develop a certain routine and flow. But after several weeks of interruption it seems that returning back to writing has to happen with a “bang” –by producing some major post that goes above the routine. At the same time delivering something major require preparation, which leads to postponement – and so it goes…

Fortunately, finally there is a major reason – so I am relieved to be back to the blogging and hopefully I’ll manage to stay on course (surely having comments and questions – greatly enhances the experience and puts the pressure on me to keep writing :-).

I spent the last 5 days in Rome participating in the invitation-only event called 2nd annual Bio-Tensegrity Group Meeting, which is a mastermind group with participants of diverse backgrounds – researchers; biomechanics scholars; bodywork practitioners – who contribute to the ongoing development of Bio-Tensegrity paradigm and study  various avenues  applying it in practice.

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