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Major Breakthrough for ABR!

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I’ve been in quite jubilant mode for the last few days – we’ve got our first really major article published in a “Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies” (JBMT) – “The presence of physiological stress-shielding in the degenerative cycle of musculoskeletal disorders”.

This is THE place to be published for anyone who addresses complex musculoskeletal challenges; and JBMT has the reputation of being at the cutting edge of new developments in hands-on therapies, strategies and concepts.   To a great extent “Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies” is also a main tribune for a rapidly growing Fascia community that transcends borders between bodyworkers, biomechanical researchers, medical and fitness specialist etc.

So, congratulations to Mark Driscoll – the most serious:-) and intellectually disciplined person in  the entire ABR Team–  he did the most of the heavy lifting for seeing this work through and I hope that our collaborative effort will result in a lot more of worthy publications in the future. Congratulations to all the members of ABR Teams worldwide with this inaugural step to a developing ABR recognition – after all ABR Trainers are the people closest to you, they are the ones who actually hand you, the parents,  the tools of overcoming the ‘vicious’ degenerative cycle  caused by physiological stress shielding that our article describes so convincingly and eloquently ( well, I couldn’t help some blatant self-promotion :-)

And of course, I am very happy to share  this major breakthrough with entire ABR community and with all the families who  honored us with trust and commitment even at the times when we had a lot less of ‘official’ credibility to back ABR up.

You see, there are ‘articles’ and ‘Articles’ – I’d dare to say that this one belongs to the latter category.

First, because “The presence of physiological stress-shielding in the degenerative cycle of musculoskeletal disorders” is a large (6 pages) conceptual article.

Having conceptual article published by a leading academic journal is quite a ‘big deal’ because usually the articles that are easiest to publish are the ones that address a very particular smaller subject or document a study result. The more statistics and measurements are in – the less friction there is in a publishing process.

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