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U-shape Grip ABR 3Q Technique- wonders of makeshift training tools

I am not sure whether all of you have watched the previous video but I can't wait to upload this. I guess one needs to be in my position of spending countless sessions teaching the U-shape and frequently being frustrated by the stubborn V-squeeze and C-squeeze challenges -- let alone the teaching of the rhythmical / oscillatory application... and suddenly I stumbled upon this: a most ordinary styrofoam cup!

I do encourage everyone to practice after watching the video.

For the parent of quadriplegic kids, especially with 'grippable' necks -- I want to remind: U-shape grip applications -- anterior and posterior neck are the user-friendly fixtures of your program -- whether they are in the current home exercise plan or not. These are the applications that you shall be considering as the ones being always with you -- opportunity-based. Think of accumulating U-shape hours on a monthly and yearly time budget -- then even small 5-10-15 min injections of this 'fascia fitness' are going to pile up to a sizeable impact.

But I do encourage everyone to do this practicing -- even if you are not using the U-shape grip per se in your home program. This training tool gives you an amazing clarity of the perception towards oscillatory/rhythmical 3Q application. Perfect this skill with U-shape grip and it is going to boost your efficiency with staple grips like semi- and full "accordions"...

I hope you'll find it as fascinating as I do! 

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