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ABR techniques for Cerebral Palsy--Super Soft Ball Rolling & 3Q compared

Dear Friends,

Apologies for being away for so long -- the overzooming is my big challenge. I find the proverbial multi-tasking an unachievable feat especially when I am expected to combine 'field' live teaching or assessments  -- with writing. I keep trying -- it's still doesn't work. Unfortunately I am unable to write without passion -- even the blog posts -- otherwise I feel I am sort of cheating the audience. But on the other hand, that makes my blogging somewhat irregular...

On the bright side: the ABR training in Montreal went really well -- I concentrated on Super-Soft Ball Rolling Technique. That shouldn't be a surprise -- most of the families were seasoned ABR 'veterans' who are well-versed in the classic 3Q technique. (Please re-read -- it's one of the links in the right-hand column). Seeing my immense enthusiasm for SSBR and in the light of my advice of putting at least 50% of your home program into it -- some parents got the feeling that '3Q is out SSBR Technique is in'. Nothing could be further from truth -- in this video made during one of the classes in Montreal I am addressing the issue in details.

To be honest -- I have addressed it over and over again -- for each new group of parents -- so 10 classes on the same subject within less than a month. This is the filming of Class # 9. I guess the need to present the same subject several times in a row -- improves the delivery. Anyway -- in the next few days I'll put the videos of the few other classess -- Class #7 etc. They are about the same subject but I do recommend to watch several of them -- there is enough difference and nuances to make it a good learning tool. The video is 'as is' -- no editing done -- so you are getting the same thing as the ones who were present...

Altogether I am continuously amazed how good the response to Super-Soft Ball Rolling Technique is, partiucularly so because it addresses the 'soft spots' of 3Q-based ABR program and I hope that the video does good enough job of explaining it. -- smaller file that should load faster but the picture quality might not be so great.

This one is larger so might take a bit more time to load but the picture quality is better