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Injections of fascia fitness

My previous post did not draw much of replies – I guess it was expected from our truly stoic crowd – always putting the benefit of a child ahead of one’s own…  :-(

I tried to make a case that caring about your own well-being is not “selfish” but essential since you have to consider yourself and your special one – being one team, an entity where the weaker member depends on the stronger… I guess this argument is too rational but I still hope that you at least take these ideas into consideration and would think of your own fascia next time you find yourself in an uncomfortable positioning when caring for your child.

So we are moving on to the fascia lessons that are directly applicable to your special children.

The session in Montreal started and the first course took place Fri-Sun. I covered a lot of details I the techniques delivery, everything was filmed – so the first steps towards proper ABR Video Library are on the way.

Observing 3 teenage kids in the last few days during Montreal session and hearing their unanimous complains about the back pain that lasts most of the day whilst being initiated during the wheelchair-based school hours I couldn’t help but to bring you back to the diagram that I used in the previous post:

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Master your own fascia use.

Let’s start the ‘Lessons from Fascia Research’ with an important tip that refers to all of us – providers of ABR exercises.

Have you ever complained of the pains in the shoulders, neck or back – linking them to your ABR exercises?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ – the following information about the fascia properties is going to be of value and help you to manage your positioning more efficiently.

The issue of the ‘pains’ has been a sting in my heart for ages… This really bugged me because, on the one hand, I feel bad for being somewhat at the origin of this discomfort yet, on the other hand, it is especially disturbing since there is no legitimate intrinsic reasons for that.

Let me explain.

Most often musculoskeletal pains relate to some form of repetitive strain injury, where the micro-tearing causes inflammation that heals incompletely or with the fibrotic deterioration of tissue, that in turn puts the remaining healthy fibers into even greater exposure and so the vicious circle perpetuates towards accumulation of critical loss of healthy tissue and thus the problem becomes chronic.   

However, when teaching the ABR technique – especially the 3Q – we emphasize several main points:

·                Maximum relaxation, i.e. ‘switching off’ all of the unnecessary muscle groups in your hands, arms and shoulder girdle.

·                Comfortable positioning – balanced position of the body with minimal challenge to the lower back etc. We emphasize the necessity of support for any suspended element of your body – be it the shoulder or the arm or the upper body.

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