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HAPPY NEW YEAR ! 3 Videos on good reasons for looking forwards with optimism..

Preface ... please read

Welcome to my blog – and I guess it’s not a surprise that it’s going to revolve around ABR – since I am a very narrowly focused person having no real interests other than my work. I am realistic and the only readership I can legitimately expect is the parents of children with special needs looking for unorthodox insights that might turn out potentially useful. I am honored by that and will try my best not to disappoint you by going beyond the technical aspects of ABR and into the wider spectrum of related issues… Whether I will succeed in that – is up to you to judge.  

This blog is going to be opinionated and biased reflecting nothing else but my personal views, which are likely to be in conflict with the mainstream beliefs and convictions. As a parent you should approach my musings with your critical judgment and a grain of salt the size of a decent rock :-) My only intention is to give you some extra food for thought by facilitating out-of-the-box reasoning and hopefully helping you with making improved informed decisions along the way.

I am not a healthcare professional let alone a medical expert.  Frankly speaking, you have no formal reason to value my opinion beyond your sheer curiosity. As the saying goes –“forewarned is forearmed”. If you are still interested in reading further – I am happy to oblige…