Before ABR -Sitting Challenges in a Quadriplegic CP - Fundamental Analysis
Conferences on Cerebral Palsy and on Fascia Research -- at a glance... PLUS an amazing Video about Viscoelastic surprizes

News from the road...and ABR illustrated :-)

Apologies for disappearing off the grid for some 3 weeks...Really, I am a lousy blogger...  According to the blog theorists (yes, they exist :-)) -- rule #1 is 'frequency', rule # 2 is 'predictability'. Short and daily beats long unpredictable any time...  However, bridging this gap from theory to practice -- is quite challenging while on the road.

I'll definitely try to improve but the last few weeks were superpacked: Training the ABR Trainers in Montreal; participating in the 2nd International Fascia Research Congress; now being at the ICPS congress on CP in Holland -- I rarely slept more than 4-5 hours... It's 4 o'clock by the way and the CP conference continues tomorrow and the day after.

Tons of thoughts, new developments and perspectives -- but I'll need some space and few days to give you a good enough account.

Meanwhile, have a look at the interesting video, which gives you a powerful visual image of what ABR goals and practice are very much about:

This video is completely unrelated to ABR, -- having an odd misspelling of "enfletable"instead of 'inflatable'-- I stumbled upon it when browsing through the 'tensegrity' videos. Tensegrity = TENSional intEGRITY is a term that is very important in fascia system analysis and that has been widely used at the Fascia Congress that ended few days ago, so you'll hear about it a lot more pretty soon