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Motor Development through ABR -- Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy Boy Case Study

Back to Blogging ....

It's always difficult to get back to writing after such a long time off… Too many thoughts and too many subjects to cover.

On the other hand, that’s a perfect example of the momentum importance – once it’s lost it’s incredibly hard to gain back. Hopefully with your helpcoming through your comments and subscriptions to this blog’s “feed” – I’ll manage to get this sharing momentum back. As everything in ABR it should emerge through micro-improvements and consistency J

Well, I hope that you keep your daily working momentum going with your kids. As I said – there are tons of things I’d like to share:

  • ·         Inner workings of the Cerebral Palsy conferences – things no one wants to share with you in a doctor’s office;
  • ·         GMFCS – the universally adopted prognostic ‘curves’ explicitly pointing out that a quadriplegic child of GMFCS 4 and 5 (poor head control, none/minimal self-mobility on the floor) is not expected to progress beyond the age of 3 with whatever mainstream treatments are being applied
  • Case studies of ABR kids analyzing the specifics of initial condition and the phases of evolution through ABR including the challenges

  •         The recent developments in ABR and what we are working on (Yes, I am not on a prolonged  vacation despite the prolonged absence in this blog )

And much much more …

BUT ... That only makes sense if it’s needed.  So, unless you, the ever-super-busy special parents, are going to find some time to read, listen and watch – all this information won’t make any sense and wouldn’t worth the effort to produce.

The response to my New Year video messages has been both encouraging – people telling me how they appreciated the extra scope and venturing into the issues larger than specifics of ABR exercises; and discouraging – a large number of parents telling me that there is no way on Earth that they have time to watch these long chunks and being stressed by this inability adding to guilt feeling.

I know – at least in theory :-) – that the best communication is done frequently and in small portions… Unfortunately – that’s not my style :-( Frequent or infrequent – I dump the large chunks…

Well, anyway – I am trying to adjust and learn to stop, feeding it one thought at a time but it’s difficult and I’d appreciate a benefit of the doubt. Please do not get stressed – voice it, suggest forms of delivery: if you have troubles with videos – ask for audios, transcripts, conference calls – whatever. Unless you tell us we wouldn’t know. ABR is very much all of my life – you, on the other hand, have a lot more things to juggle to have a balanced family life while still being able to find time and courage for day-in-day out hands-on ABR. So your help – through the comments to this blog, through e-mails to the centers – whatever, is most appreciated.  

As a re-start of the ABR blogging I am going to post a number of videos that are based on a case study and … I’ll appreciate your feedback (Well,  being repetitive is another well-known flaw of mine :-)


P.S. There are couple of NEW BOOK REVIEWS for you to look at.