ABR, 2009 New Year Message -- Reviewing the past, looking forwards into the future
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in case of PROBLEMS with VIEWING the VIDEO -- try clicking 'ABR Vimeo Videos' link above

Dear readers/viewers
Some of you might be experiencing problems when viewing the videos -- this is very much possible since the videos are quite large
 please try the following tricks:
1) If the video started playing but then stumbles. I recommend the following: a) Start the video first by clicking; b) wait until the first few seconds play; c) press pause and leave it on pause for 10-20 min depending on your connection speed -- that will allow the video to get buffered fully; d) press play again -- it should run smoothly
2) click the link above called 'ABR Vimeo Videos' this will re-direct you directly to the Vimeo website (one of YouTube analogues).
You might have  better viewing experience there. Plus you have the option of downloading the video and then viewing at home at your own convenience.

Thanks, please leave the comments whether that works
P.S. The date is intentionally set for Dec 31, 2009 -- to have this post on top for your comfortable reference.